Central Animal Facility (CAF) at the Indian Institute of Science was established in 1971 to cater to the needs of various investigators from the Division of Biological Sciences whose research areas include various areas like biochemistry, microbiology, reproductive biology, cell biology, immunology, virology and cancer biology.

The CAF is registered with the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, New Delhi (Registration number: 48/GO/ReRcBiBt-S/Re-L/99/CPCSEA 18-05-2022).  All activities related to laboratory animal breeding and research at the Indian Institute of Science are performed as per the specified guidelines of CPCSEA, New Delhi as well as In-house Institutional guidelines under the direct supervision of Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC).

New Central Animal Facility (NEW CAF):

A New building for CAF of 36,000 sq ft area has been established to create a full-fledged National Facility for Laboratory Animal Experimentation. The facility aims to provide and maintain Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) rodent research models to investigators within IISc, other investigators from Government Institutions/Universities from all over India and also investigators from private industries. The NEW CAF is establishing Transgenic Core Facility to provide services on generation of genetically modified mouse models along with cryo-preservation and re-derivation of the precious strains generated and imported.